Governing Body

Governors are an essential part of our school community and are responsible for ensuring that the school is properly run. When a Parent Governor position becomes available parents will be asked if they wish to stand for election. If you have an interest in becoming a school governor please click on the document below to find out about their role and responsibilities

Members of  the School Governing Body

  Hubert Enright - Chair of Governors

  Committee: Resources, Learning and Achievement, Pay appeals, Head Teacher Performance Management 

 I became a Parent Governor in July 1999, my son Mathew was then a pupil at Gallions Mount.  After my four year term was up I wanted to stay and contribute to the   school. I was elected as a Co-opted Governor and later a Community Governor. I was elected Chair at the Autumn 2008 Governing Body Meeting. I take a keen interest in the education of our pupils. I attend all sub committee meetings and I have made regular class monitoring visits to the school as well as sitting in on school council meetings where the pupils voice there opinions in a very mature and sensible fashion. I also listen to what the pupils say in the play ground which has always been positive. I have accompanied classes on school trips to museums and their  school journeys to Wrotham and Swanage. I feel very proud to be a part of Gallions Mount and I hope to see it become an outstanding school. 

School Governors

  Sue Slack - Headteacher

  Committee: All

Sue has been a member of our governing body since she began her post at Gallions Mount. She has served on all committees and has attended  all governing body meetings. Sue is currently the Headteacher of Gallions Mount School with no relevant business interests and is not in  a relationship with any members of the governing body or school staff. Sue has not governed any other educational establishments.


 Mandy Gillard - Senior Admin Officer

  Committee: Learning and Achievement

 Mandy has been a member of our governing body since 30th August 1999 and was re appointed in April 2015. She serves our Learning and Achievement committee and has attended 100% of meetings held by the governing body. Mandy is currently working as the school's Senior Admin Officer with no  relevant business interests and she is not in a relationship with any members of staff or the governing body. Mandy has not governed in any  other educational establishment.

  Diane Saunders - Teaching Assistant

  Committee: Resources 

Diane has been a member of our governing body since 11th April 2005. She serves our Resources committee and has good attendance  at meetings held by the governing body. Diane is currently a teaching assistant at Gallions Mount with no relevant business interests in the  school. She is not in any relationships with any other members of staff or the governing body and she has not governed in any other educational  establishment.

 Marjorie Delahaye - Class Teacher 

  Committee: Learning and Achievement 

 I was elected teacher governor in February 2016 and serve on the learning and achievement committee. I have attended all the meetings held this year.  I served on the premises committee in a previous school and really enjoyed finding out the other side of what makes a school tick. I have no relevant business interests and I am not in a relationship with any members of staff or the governing body.

This is my fifth year at Gallions Mount and I am currently teaching Year 4. Before coming to Plumstead, I taught in schools in Kent and Bexley. I have taught throughout KS2 and have been PE, Science, Numeracy, Mentor and Curriculum co-ordinator and an Assistant Head. I am currently implementing the school travel plan, I am the leader for Eco-schools and the Science co-ordinator. 


Parent Governors 

 Funbi Tikare

 Committee: Resources



Co-opted Governors


 Maha El Dimachki - Vice Chair

 Committee: Resources (Chair), Pay  

 Maha has been a member of our governing body since 2nd June 2015 and is the Chair of our Resources committee and also sits on our Pay committee. She has 100% attendance at  meetings held by the governing body and has no relevant business interests in the school. Maha is not in any relationships with members of  staff or the governing body and she has never governed for any other educational establishment.



 Donna Spicer

Committee: Learning and Achievement 






Associate Members

 Siobhan Stanczyk - Deputy Head

  Committee: All