How Are We Doing?

The School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan has been developed by governors and staff in consultation with the parents, carers and pupils of Gallions Mount Primary School and takes account of Greenwich’s  Children and Young People’s Plan. The plan is the focal point of the school’s drive towards excellence and should be constantly referred to by all staff.

The plan outlines the school's long and medium term aims and is accompanied by action plans detailing the work being carried out. 

Click on the document below to see our 2016-17 School Improvement Plan

School Performance Tables

Please click the following link to view the 2016 DfE Performance Table Data for Gallions Mount.

School Data - How are we doing?

There have been significant changes to Key Stage 2 testing and how children’s attainment and progress is reported.  The tests themselves have been made harder and cover a four year curriculum that Year 6 pupils have only had access to for less than two years.

On the 5th July 2016, Nicky Morgan (then Secretary for Education) stated that the 2016 tests have higher expectations and cannot be compared to previous standards in previous years.

As in many schools across the country, our 2016 Key Stage 2 results appeared to decline this year.  As a result, teacher assessments are an important indicator of the standards the children have achieved at the end of Key Stage 2 and these are also published.  Our teacher assessments were moderated with other schools in the borough and accurately represent children’s abilities.

It is important to acknowledge how hard both the pupils and teachers have worked this year and we feel confident that pupils at Gallions Mount receive great teaching enabling them to move into their Secondary schools as happy, confident learners.

Below you will find a summary of our key data headlines for Early Years, Phonics, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


 In Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) children are assessed against 7 different criteria.  The results published show the percentage of pupils deemed to be achieving a ‘Good Level of Development’.  We are pleased that our 2016 results show improvement on our 2015 results and continue to sit above results nationally.

Year 1 and 2 Phonics Summary

The Phonics Screening Check tests children’s ability to decode words and non-words.   Our data continues to sit above national data at both Year 1 and Year 2 retake.

Key Stage 1 Summary

We are thrilled that our KS1 attainment this year exceeded attainment nationally at both the ‘expected standard’ and at ‘greater depth’.  These excellent results demonstrate our drive for high standards and build on the great start our pupils receive in EYFS.

Key Stage 2 Summary