Sport and physical activity is used to encourage children's leadership, individual initiative, social skills and team building skills. 

Gallions Mount provides a range of sports and clubs throughout the year for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Children are encouraged to be active and participate in activities both inside and outside of school through the use of the clubs we provide. During lunchtime we offer our pupils the opportunity to attend clubs such as dance and table tennis and we go on to extend our links with the community by providing gymnastics and football clubs run after school with the support of our PE and Healthy Schools Leader, Mrs Akinola-Hatton. 


We are always working hard at Gallions Mount to further improve the curriculum we provide to the children. We aim to increase the way in which children follow personal learning journeys based on their fundamental skills in agility, balance and coordination (also known as ABC.) This approach to the curriculum will equip the children with the essential abilities to maximize potential and enjoy long term participation in physical activity and sport.



For two years now we have opted for a new style sports day by taking the children to Winns Common during a school day to participate in team based sporting activities. The day is split into two sessions, morning and afternoon, to allow whole school participation.
The sports day included sporting activities that supported the children's team building skills, hand eye co-ordination, balance, stability and resilience. 

The children are placed in teams with varied age groups to encourage support and interaction with children that they wouldn't usually engage with.



Our new style sports day has been a great success and we saw participation from both parents and teachers who reinforced positive attitudes when competing in sporting activities.

We look forward to continuing to deliver our sports days in this way!