School Journey

For many years now Gallions Mount School have organised residential trips to the Townsend Centre in Swanage, Dorset. Every year children from Year 6 get the opportunity to visit and stay at the Townsend Centre to participate in carefully selected activities that encourage responsibility, initiative and help to develop co-operative, listening and team building skills. These activities can prove quite challenging however with the support from peers the children are able to achieve the goals that are set.

This school year, Year 6 visited Swanage in October/November 2016 and by the looks and sounds of it they had a great time!

When they arrived at Swanage they took some time to get to know the town by taking a leisurely stroll down to the beach. Once unpacked and settled into their dormitories the children set off for a night walk telling ghost stories along the cliffs. They explored the coast and visited the Anvil Point Lighthouse within the grounds of Durlston Country Park.

Tuesday was an exciting day full of adventure! The children took part in team building activities travelling across low ropes, high ropes and even swinging ropes. They worked together to travel around the course trying their best not to touch the floor. It was definitely a challenge but all children worked well in their teams to complete the course. Following this they walked to Durlston Country Park for the afternoon and sat bird watching trying to spot the peregrine falcons that were flying in the area. They also kept a close eye on the ground for any snakes that may have been in the grass but they had no luck because it wasn’t warm enough for the snakes to be out.

Wednesday was another fun filled day with a trip to Corfe Castle where the children were able to dress up and take part in the re telling of the story Ethelred the unready. Ethelred was the son of King Edgar who suddenly died in 975 leaving behind two sons. Ethelred’s elder brother, Edward King of England, was killed during his reign at the age of 12 at Corfe Castle by Ethelred’s attendants. Ethelred went on to become the King of England at the age of just 12. This was a great opportunity for the children to re-enact some of the scenes that may have taken place. Year 6 headed back to the beach for the afternoon, to build some of their own castles and show off their geology skills. The day was rounded off with a smuggler talk in the evening back at the centre.

Thursday was the last full day at the Townsend Centre so a busy day was to be had by all! Year 6 were dropped to Nine Barrow Down in the morning and equipped with a compass, a question and clue map and a points scoring sheet for spotting specific things on route back to the Townsend Centre. Once all children had found their way back it was off for a short shopping trip with their spending money and then back to the centre for a DISCO!

Before leaving on Friday, Year 6 managed to squeeze in a quick, on site orienteering session then it was back on the coach for the long journey home. A great time was had by all children and staff and as always was a very successful trip.

Huge thanks go to Mr Bailey who organised the trip and to John, Dawn, Diane and Mr Johnston for supporting the children on their journey.  It was great to see John and Mr Johnston back with the children and special thanks to Mr Johnston who took the amazing photos seen below.