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Reception children have had a wonderful morning learning through their play. A selection of children were spending the morning working for the Police force and were independently writing each other tickets while patrolling the play area. Other children were making, drawing and sharing resources together.


For Harvest, before half term, Reception made pizzas! The children wrote ingredients shopping lists and were able to have a go at using tools while cooking. The children showed growing confidence in using the cheese grater and the children’s knives to cut the vegetables. Their pizzas smelt delicious when they came out of the oven and tasted scrumptious!

They also made a very lifelike scarecrow out of old materials and clothes and named him Worzel. Worzel made his first appearance at the Harvest Festival but will now live in his new home in the Reception Gardens.





On Friday Reception made a Christmas tree out of twigs and sticks from Forest School. The children collected the sticks and then measured it to find big sticks to go at the bottom and small sticks to go at the top. They also made a star out of sticks to go on the top of their tree.




Nursery and Reception took part in a Road Safety workshop last week. They learnt how to keep safe when crossing the road and had a go at using the zebra and pelican crossing to cross the road safely. They also learnt to look out for different vehicles and be aware of their sounds.




Reception invited their parents and carers in this afternoon for a stay and play session. They celebrated Chinese New Year by making their own egg fried rice, spring rolls and special fried noodles which were shared with their relatives. Thank you all for coming!



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Tyler from Zoo Lab brought some of her friends along to play.

Posted: Friday 30th November 2018, 11:29am
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