Year 1

Fancy Angala
Celsius Class Teacher

Debbie Lilburn
Celsius Classroom Assistant

Julie Bailey
Fahrenheit Class Teacher

Lola Akinola-Hatton
Fahrenheit Class Teacher

Debbie Birkby
Fahrenheit Classroom Assistant

Fahrenheit children enjoying Golden Time with: Colouring in, cutting and sticking, building with Mobilo or Lego, drawing and playing with cars.
On Monday Fahrenheit Class were learning how to follow instructions by making a fruit salad. They really enjoyed tasting them once they finished.

Year 1 have been learning about the Gun Powder Plot. They have been getting into character and acting out the events leading to the arrest of Guy Fawkes and his friends.


Fahrenheit Class and Celsius Class are enjoying travelling back 400 years at The Tower of London.


Fahrenheit Class were practicing coordinating floor movements in gymnastics yesterday. They included a forward roll, a teddy bear roll, a seated straddle and a back support.

Year One have been busy making Traction Man Puppets. They loved designing a new suit for their favourite superhero!


 Year 1 had a great day at The Museum of Childhood learning about Victorian Toys on Wednesday. During a workshop, they learnt about how Victorian Toys were made and even had a go at playing with some spinning toys, diabolo's and a cup and ball. They used a wooden peg to design their own toy and then got to explore lots of other toys in the main part of the Museum.


Celsius class had a great morning at the Woolwich Mosque today. They loved their tour of the place of worship.The children impressed the Imam with lots of questions that were linked to their recent class work about Islam.

Fahrenheit Class have been crafting Sharks using clay for their David Attenborough Project #takeoneperson #davidattenboroughproject


Year 1 Latest News

Sports day success!

Posted: Friday 12th July 2019, 11:34am

We had some egg-cellent competition entries this year.

Posted: Friday 5th April 2019, 8:16pm

What a show! Thank you Joe!

Posted: Friday 5th April 2019, 6:01pm
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