Year 2

Kimberleigh Kaur
Attenborough Class Teacher

Sarah Gully
Attenborough Classroom Assistant

Roxanne Pinnock
Potter Class Teacher

Palminder Dhooper
Potter Classroom Assistant

Year 2 have been learning a new song (Hands, Feet, Heart). They have been practicing the lyrics and following their pulse through dancing.


Year 2 visited Southend last week to support their topic learning. They had a brilliant day collecting shells and identifying the features of a seaside. The children had a great time and were fantastic representatives of our school. 


Year 2 have had a very exciting morning! They have been creating fruit and vegetable prints to explore repeating patterns.

Potter class have have been linking movements to create a fluent performance. The children have showed great resilience and strength. 


Year 2 spent Monday afternoon looking for mini beasts in our school grounds. They managed to find spiders, slugs and a centipede!

Year 2 Latest News

We have new school jumpers! 

Posted: Tuesday 19th January 2016, 10:56am
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