Year 2

Kimberleigh Kaur
Attenborough Class Teacher

Sarah Gully
Attenborough Classroom Assistant

Roxanne Pinnock
Potter Class Teacher

Palminder Dhooper
Potter Classroom Assistant

Year 2 have been writing instructions in their literacy lessons. They then used their instructions to make some delicious fruit salads. All children very carefully cut their fruit into equal sections and shared them into their fruit salad pots. In the afternoon the children were able to eat their creations and were very pleased with the results!


Potter Class and Attenborough Class have been merging their ICT skills and Literacy skills to create movies that tell their stories of The Snail and the Whale. They used descriptive language and expressed their stories with the help of Puppet Pals on the iPad's. Some great work that can be seen below.


Year 2 worked exceptionally hard to produce some wonderful designs as part of their Enabling Enterprise Workshop for Futures Week.



As part of their Religious Education lessons both Potter Class and Attenborough Class have been making Hamentasch Tarts. Hamentasch Tarts are a pocket of filled cookie or pastry formed into a triangular shape which are associated with the Jewish holiday of Purim and Haman.

Year 2 visited the WonderLab at the Science Museum and got to see a show called Crash Bang Wallop all about explosions. They then had a 3 little pigs performance linking to their learning about materials in class. 
Year 2 have been designing posters in Science to show the damage and harm that plastic can cause our planet.
Year 2 have been designing persuasive posteres in Literacy.
Year 2 are beginning to make their toys for Design Technology. First step, paint the boxes.

Year 2 Latest News

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