Year 4

Marjorie Delahaye
Edison Class Teacher

Sara Hope
Faraday Class Teacher

Tracy Culmer
Year 4 Classroom Assistant

Year 4 worked exceptionally hard to produce some wonderful designs as part of their Enabling Enterprise Workshop for Futures Week.


Faraday class have been exploring the different sounds that different objects make during their Science lessons.


Year 4 had a lovely visit to St Nicholas Church as part of their RE work on Christianity. One of the many exciting facts the children learnt on their trip was that St Nicholas Church is 1,158 years old! All children behaved so well and enjoyed learning with Father Andrew.


"We made biomes in a bottle . A biome is an ecosystem like a rainforest, grassland or tundra. It can be also be aquatic. We made biomes in a bottle to represent freshwater and grassland biomes. We are off to Lenses Abbey next week to look at real biomes."


Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Lesnes Abbey to look at Forest Biomes.


Year 4 have exhibited some of their wonderful seed creations that were made when parents came to work with the children during our Festival of Learning. These pieces of artwork were linked to their work about Romans.


Year 4 enjoyed a visit to Creekside Environmental Centre where they took part in outdoor activities during low tide at Deptford Creek. Parents can take their children on their own low tide walk during the summer holiday if they wish. Just contact the Creekside Environmental Centre.


Year 4 Latest News

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