Year 4

Maria Francis
Edison Class Teacher

Sara Hope
Faraday Class Teacher

Dawn Lucken
Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Faraday class have been learning about rationing in World War 2 and finished the lesson by making their own ration books.


Faraday Class had their second music lesson where they practiced Mamma Mia by Abba. Have a listen, we think they sound great! (Link can be found below)

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Faraday class looked at the poem ‘Russian Doll’ by Rachel Rooney. We talked about how everyone has lots of different layers inside of them and made our own flip up Russian Dolls.

Faraday class had a great time today creating their own doorbell and light switch circuits to make a motor move. They used split pins, paper lips and card.

Faraday class had a calm afternoon yesterday practicing their sketching skills by recreating a church illustration from their class text, Billy the Kid by Michael Morpurgo.

Year 4 visited The National Army Museum in Chelsea and had a brilliant time. They got to hold artifacts from WW2, look inside a replica tank and meet an actual Chelsea pensioner like Billy from their class story book.

Faraday class have had a busy start to the term learning about lines of latitude and using their atlas to map read.

Faraday Class have been drawing this week and have been looking at creating a black and white silhouette surrounded by red poppies as part of their work on Remembrance Day.They have also been taking inspiration from their class book, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, to make chalk drawings in literacy to help create setting descriptions.


Faraday class tested over 20 materials to see which materials will conduct electricity. They were surprised to find that carbon conducts electricity even though it’s not a metal!

Faraday Class are reaching new heights at the Clip N Climb Centre at Sutcliffe Park this morning.


Year 4 took a trip to Lesnes Abbey yesterday and enjoyed orienteering with compasses and getting very muddy making maps!