Year 5

Jemma Deller
Jemison Class Teacher

Marjorie Delahaye
Sharman Class Teacher

Sue Banks
Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Jemison Class had a great time performing dish shapes using their whole body. They focused on balance and holding their core muscles in order to keep their shape. Some children performed their movements and held their positions not only by lying on the floor but on benches and higher apparatus.


Jemison Class and Sharman Class have been investigating in their science lessons and have been asking the question, is a solid always hard?

They compared the properties of butter and a brick and then investigated the hardness of other solids such as jelly and marshmallows. They then had to sequence a range of the solid materials according to the property of hardness.They went on to create branching data bases using Yes/No questions to sort them.


In music, we have been listening and learning the lyrics to:

‘Living on a prayer ‘ by Bon Jovi. We made body percussion to follow the pulse of the music. 

On Tuesday morning Jemison class were playing 'Snap a Decimal' in Numeracy to reinforce and consolidate their ability to recognise fraction and decimal equivalents.

Cupboard catastrophe!

One of the shelves in the resources room had collapsed and many containers had been tipped out and mixed up. The mixture had been swept up, including a couple of dead spiders! Year 5 used their knowledge of the properties of materials to separate them by using science equipment around the room .They were challenged to make their own sieves which would separate materials of different sizes.


Today in Jemison's PE lesson the children were learning to develop their shoulder flexibility. Working in pairs they were encouraging and supporting one another. Than began by using two hands and feet to perform the crab position, ensuring their trunk 'tummies' were parallel to the floor. Gradually they worked up into the bridge position ensuring to not over-arch the back, to push through the shoulders and eventually some children were able to press their legs straight with their feet flat on the floor to perform the bridge.


Year 5 Latest News

We have new school jumpers! 

Posted: Tuesday 19th January 2016, 10:56am
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