Go Run For Fun

Mrs Akinola-Hatton, Paula and Zoe ventured out to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium yesterday with our sports champions and the year 6 students who did not go to Swanage.

They attended an event called 'Go Run For Fun' – the world’s largest fun run, which encouraged children from all areas of London and the rest of the UK to run more, become more active and to promote the introduction of ‘The Daily Mile’ in schools across Britain.

When they arrived the atmosphere was incredible. Half of the stadium was filled with a sea of pink t shirts worn by over 4,000 enthusiastic children and their teachers ready to run their 1 mile race.

Before the event took place and all 4,000 children were taken to the track to begin their run Blue Peter presenter, Radzi Chinyanganya, began to warm up the crowd. All children participated in a slow Mexican wave, they were introduced to Olympic athletes Colin Jackson (former Welsh sprint and hurdle athlete), Richard Kilty (British track and field sprinter) and Emily Diamond (200 and 400 metre runner) and then treated to a brilliant run of performances from last year’s X Factor finalists, Reggie ‘n’ Bollie.

The event as a whole was amazing! To run on the Olympic track where Usain Bolt achieved the Olympic record for the fastest 100 metre run was a once in a lifetime experience that everyone was extremely grateful for. Every single participant, children and adults, enjoyed every minute from the cheers for the Olympic Athletes to the screams for Reggie ‘n’ Bollie. We definitely hope to be involved in the same event next year.

The event marked four years since the 2012 Olympic Games and it was the third anniversary of the Go Run For Fun campaign. During the event they were to reach their 160,000th runner who was given special gifts signed by the famous athletes and performers who attended.

All children would like to thank Mrs Akinola-Hatton for organising admission to the event. Without her help taking part in this wonderful opportunity would not have been possible.