Our new gardens

As promised we have included photos of our new garden learning spaces that have been created around our school grounds.

We have our new learning garden that will be used by each class in the school. Each class will have their own planter to grow delicious vegetables in and they will be able to watch the beautiful plants around them grow. We have included a pond in hope to attract a multitude of insects and living things which also allows the children to observe their growth and life cycle. We have had a few frogs in our pond but nothing more at the moment. As well as this we have included a wonderful seated area for the children to use so their teachers can teach outside and we have a cosy garden teepee covered in greenery that the children can sit in and observe the garden from.



Our sensory garden is also complete and bursting full of colour and fun! Its the perfect place for our children to explore and motivate all or their senses as well as being a place for the children to wind down. The children that regularly use our sensory garden are helping to maintain it by watering the plants when they need it and making sure it stays tidy. There is an opportunity to make sound using the xylophone style pipes or speaking and listening through the flowers that use an underground pipe to help sound travel. There is a small cube with colourful Perspex walls that children can travel through and finger trace mazes that have been attached to the inside. It is also great for viewing the garden in different colours. As well as all of this we have a calming water feature that the children can touch and see their reflection in and we have included a special memorial bench for Caroline Kaur who we sadly lost a few years ago. Its a wonderful place for the children and staff to reflect on their memories of Caroline and we are sure she would have been a huge fan of the new garden.



Finally we have our newly adapted orchard. There are a wide variety of plants in this area that have been planted to attract wildlife as another leaning space and we are also hoping to grow a bumper crop of apples and pears this year. We have a decked space in the orchard for the children to use when working in there - although we have spotted a neighbouring cat laying out there a few times. Climbers have also been attached to the walls for plants to eventually grow around the space. 


Please feel free to observe our new learning spaces when you drop off and collect your children from school. We would love to know what you think. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.