Useful Links

We feel it is important to promote E-Safety outside of school in order to secure consistent, safe use of the internet, apps and technical devices. Below are some links for all the family to use that will encourage safe use of the internet at home.

Parents/ carers


For the whole family

As well as offering links to our families we have run an in house workshop delivering guidance on how to set up iPad’s at home to ensure they are safe for the use of each individual child. We have also been lucky enough to have Jonathan Taylor, child safeguarding consultant and social media/online behaviour expert, in to deliver presentations about internet safety and exploring how dangerous the internet, social media, mobile phones and tablets can be without parental monitoring.
Below you will find a copy of the guidance for restrictions to iPad’s. We are working hard to provide our parents with guidance for restrictions for other models of tablet and phone other than iPad and iPhone. Watch this space!
Jonathan Taylor has an amazing website that offers a variety of information and resources for parents and teachers offering support and guidance on staying safe online.

If you ever have any E-Safety related questions we are always happy to help as much as we can so please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.