Science Week

Lots of exciting things were planned for the children during Science Week to celebrate all things science related.

We kick started the week with a science show from Science Boffin Daniel who entertained us with magnificent chemical reactions and magical science. He showed the children how to make toothpaste for elephants, how to make a helicopter out of a balloon and explained how the human eye can trick us with optical elusions. It was a dramatic and memorable show. Daniel gave an impromptu Q&A session to Edison class and was impressed with how studious and attentive they were with their questioning. 

Throughout the week all teachers ran extra science sessions in addition to the normal curriculum based lessons and used resources provided by The British Science Association. 

We ended the week with a visit from Eagle Heights. Birdman Alan, who has visited the school on numerous occasions, thrilled us all with his wonderful collection of birds. Alan covered a wide range of subjects including adaptation, food chain, flight and the life processes of each individual bird. We were lucky enough to be visited by a Harris hawk, a peregrine falcon, a barn owl, and the world famous bald eagle, Alaska, who starred in the first Clash of the Titans films. All children were able to see, at close hand, the beautiful birds of prey. The bald eagle, Harris hawk and the barn owl flew across the halls above the children's heads and Alaska took a leisurely stroll in between the children seated on the floor. 

Eagle Heights offer fun for all the family with more information on their website
Science Boffins also offer lots of services including birthday parties. All information can be found on their website