We currently have an A team and a B team playing for our school. Training sessions are held once a week and are provided by a community coach, extending our positive relationships with outside sporting companies. Sports fixtures are arranged to encourage the children’s involvement in team competition and to promote healthy, respectful attitudes towards their opposition. We participate in inter school tournaments, festivals and leagues within the borough giving us the opportunity to broaden our links with schools in the local community. In addition to this we attend regular, friendly games with other schools to introduce the children to competition at a higher level and to test their skills against talented young sports men and women.

The children have recently been involved in the Greenwich Primary Football Competition where they came 2nd out of 23 schools, and are still participating in the Charlton and Area League. Last year our A team came 7th in the competition and our B team came 3rd. We are remaining positive hoping to reach the top this year. 

“I like football training as I get to run around a lot and I am given the opportunity to perfect my footballing skills. Our manager and Mrs Akinola Hatton are great. They encourage us to work together as a team, to be brave, strong and help us to build confidence when we tackle. It doesn’t matter that I am a girl playing for our team because I get treated just the same as everyone else and I never feel like I am different from the boys. The training sessions have helped me to build bigger friendships with children in other year groups at school and outside of school and I really want to join a football team outside of school. ”