The Reach

In order for our pupils to explore our school values, Resilience, Enjoyment, Achievement, Confidence, Honesty, we arranged for the whole of KS2 to take part in a climbing session at The Reach in Charlton. Climbing provides children with the excellent opportunity to explore our school values through a real life situation.

The experience of climbing was definitely a challenge for the children and they had to demonstrate all aspects of our school values. Resilience to climb the wall with the development of confidence while doing so followed by a real sense of achievement. Honesty is also developed as the children will need to be honest with themselves when deciding how high they feel comfortable climbing.

The sessions were run by qualified climbing instructors and the children were equipped with helmets and safety harnesses to ensure safety. Children who used the electric cables for climbing were not required to wear helmets.

Every class enjoyed their trip to The Reach with some children showing a keen interest in re visiting the climbing wall outside of school hours.

More photos can be seen on year group pages of the children enjoying their trip.