Our Chicks

Our Living Eggs have arrived! We will keep you posted on a daily basis of the progress our little chicks are making.

Each class has some time set aside to visit the eggs and once hatched the children will have the opportunity to hold them. 

Day 1 - Our chicks arrived 15.05.2017


Day 2 - We have a slight crack in one of the eggs!

Day 3 - We have two chicks! They are wonderful and we cannot wait until the rest hatch. We are currently recording a daily time lapse of the hatching process and these will be uploaded in due course.


Day 4 - All our chicks have hatched and are ready to meet the children.


Day 5 - Our chicks were lucky enough to meet the children in Attenborough Class today. The children were so excited and showed great care when handling the chicks. 


Day 8 - Following the weekend the chicks got another classroom trip. This time it was Sharman Class's turn.


Day 9 - Newton Class welcomed the chicks to their classroom today. Wonderful care has been shown by all children who have held the chicks. 


Day 10 - Our chicks are so big! They are starting to show colour and definition in their wings. We will be very sad to see them go on Friday.