Kindness Cup

In conjunction with Children's Mental Health week, Place2Be have donated a Kindness Cup to our school which is awarded weekly to children who show kindness in school. 

Every week the cup is passed from class to class eventually working its way around the school. Each class will take a vote on the child they think most deserves the cup for their acts of kindness and it is presented to them in assembly. 

It is scientifically proven that continued acts of kindness will boost self esteem, confidence and create a positive attitude. We aim to encourage this throughout our school with the help of the Kindness Cup.

We will post photos of our Kindness Cup winners on a weekly basis on this page. 

Please note any children who win the cup and do not have permission to be on the website will feature as a name rather than a photo.

Potter Class

Attenborough Class
Winner - Annabelle Yambuka

Celsius Class

Fahrenheit Class

Anning Class

Newton Class

Faraday Class

Edison Class

Jemison Class

Sharman Class

Darwin Class

Banneker Class

Potter Class

Attenborough Class