Enabling Enterprise

On the 7th November we were thrilled to invite Enabling Enterprise into our school to work alongside every class as part of Futures Week.

The children were placed into teams and had to work together to design and build their ideal planet, Operation Moonbase, with a budget set by their EE leaders. Children were encouraged to consider how much it would cost to include certain businesses and factories and what was needed the most to ensure a good quality of life on their planet.

Once decisions had been made about the buildings and businesses being included on their planet the children had a chance to build them using scrap materials. It was so great to see the children working together and really thinking about the sorts of things they need on their planet and when the teams found they were disagreeing they began to work together to come to an agreement. Lots of children realised that they would need to spend money on a dam in order to create electricity and have constant access to water. They also made sure they had a police station so that the people of the society were being looked after.

As well as a new planet the children had an opportunity to design a new species of animal that would be beneficial to everyone on the planet. They took features from many animals to create the ‘ideal animal species.’ One group in year 6 created an animal that held most of the features of a cow but had lots of legs. The reason for this was so that it could produce milk for people to drink and make food products but also be used to transport people around the planet.

Each class then held a Dragon’s Den style presentation to encourage their peers to invest in their society and consider living within their society.

All children throughout the school had such an amazing day and developed their team building and social skills through the tasks they were set.

As well as our EE Day we were visited by many of our working parents. They came in on the afternoon of the 9th November 2017 to talk about the types of jobs they do with the hope to inspire our pupils to take on their roles when they are older. Every class showed great enthusiasm towards the parents and had lots of questions for them about their jobs.  We had a solicitor, an ICT technician, 3 nurses (theatre nurse, psychiatric nurse and a sister), an illustrator, a doctor and a DJ. We would like to thank all parents and carers for giving up an afternoon to speak with and inspire the children.

To finish our Futures Week we held a non-uniform day allowing the children a day to dress for their dream job. We had many career path ideas and were pleased to see how many children had an idea of where they would like to be in the future.

More pictures from the Enterprise Day can be found on the class pages of the website.