Gareth P Jones

Yesterday we had the delight of welcoming author Gareth P Jones to our school! Gareth is an award winning author and has written over 30 books. He is also the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge after winning Blue Peter’s book of the year award in 2012 with “The Considine Curse.”

Gareth began his visit by explaining a bit about himself and taking questions from the children at Gallions Mount. Gareth’s books are loved by many of the children here with some of their questions being based around a selection of Gareth’s successful story collections, including The Pet Defenders and The Ninja Meerkat Series.

Not only is Gareth a fantastic author but he also has a talent for playing musical instruments and writing and performing his own songs. Most of his music is based around the stories he writes and are a fun way to encourage the children to read more of his magnificent stories. The children (and staff) were able to join in with Gareth’s musical performances which were loved by all!

Don’t believe us? See for yourself… Gareth's Musical Magic

After lots more questions, dressing up Mr Bailey and some more fabulous singing, Gareth introduced us all to a game that inspired the children to become more creative and dig deeper into their wonderful imaginations. The children were asked to pick three cards that had different descriptions; who they would be as a person, where they would be and what was going to happen to them. Their partner would then have to act these three choices out in front of the other children. It was a fantastic thought process to inspire children to write their own stories and encourage them to elaborate as much as they could. 

Before leaving us Gareth kindly signed a collection of his books for the children that had purchased them through the school. It was a great opportunity for the children to speak to Gareth and ask him any extra questions they had. 

All of the children who were lucky enough to enjoy Gareth’s visit yesterday loved it, as did many of our staff members and he has definitely made a positive impact on the learning of our pupils. Many of them feel inspired to read more and others are keen to write more.  It was a pleasure to have him at our school, supported by the Imagine Centre and would encourage as many of you as possible to read his books!

 “Thank You Gareth!”

You can visit Gareth’s website here: