Safer Internet Day

On February 6th 2018 we will be joining schools across the globe to celebrate and promote safe use of the internet.

Staying safe online is paramount with the fast growing amount of dangers that children can face when browsing online. The use of social media and online gaming in young people has increased dramatically over the last few years and continues to increase. It is for this reason that it is important that our parents and carers work solidly with us to promote healthy, safe and positive use of digital technology. 

The children will have a lesson based on staying safe in the online world and will be encouraged to talk together with their peers throughout the day about ways they can stay safe online and what to do if they do not feel safe. To help support the #SID2018 social media campaign Gallions Mount will join millions of children across the world to create a jigsaw puzzle to promote building a better and safer internet. 


The day will be an opportunity for everyone around the world including companies, law enforcement, policymakers and wider to work together to highlight positive use of the internet and digital technology as well as recognising the roles we all play and action we can take when it comes to helping to create a safer online community. 

Let's get supporting and make a positive difference!