Sports at St Pauls

Gallions Mount Superstars took a trip down to St Pauls Academy yesterday to take part in their Sport Inspired Festival. The children absolutely loved it and thoroughly enjoyed the activities they took part in. 

Some of these sporting activities included dance, table tennis, boxing and football. The Festival was designed to encourage children to enjoy sport and take part in a sporting activity that is new to them. 

Before the Festival the children were able to make specially designed T-shirts to wear to the competition and and created a wonderful banner for the event - the only school that made a banner we may add! It was a huge success and we would like to thank St Pauls for inviting us to be part of the special day. 

Although they didn't win a trophie each child received a medal for their hard work and good effort throughout the day. They made lots of new friends with children in schools from around Greenwich and have been inspired to continue to take part in lots of different sporting activities. 

Well done to Gallions Superstars!