Fiver Challenge

Our year 6 pupils started their Fiver Challenge on the  4th June and have formulated business ideas, set costing for products, designed logos and worked out logistics around how they were going to sell their products.

They have came up with ideas ranging from a car washing service to baking and selling cupcakes and making pots of slime. The children  had to design their stalls and the packaging used for their products. They organised sales timetables and finalised their budgets so that they could buy the equipment/ingredients needed to start manufacturing and producing their product.

The budding entrepreneurs produced a range of advertisements for their products using i-Movie. These along with their posters, flyers and booklets were used to sell and promote their products to children and staff around the school. They were then given the opportunity to sell their products to their parents after school. 

The Fiver Challenge was a very successful project for the children and they all put in 100% effort to ensure that they were very competitive by working hard with their peers to become the better business. It was exciting to see the ideas the children had and was great to see them so dedicated to their brands and products. This was a great way for the children to wrap up their final weeks at Gallions Mount and we wish them every success on their new journey at secondary school.