Gymnastics Feedback

Our after school gymnastics instructor has given us some lovely feedback about his first lesson with the children this term. We wanted to share this with you and congratulate the children taking part in the club, well done for a fantastic start!

"I just wanted to give you a little feedback about the Gymnastics Club at Gallions Mount which runs on a Wednesday.

The first class back this term went really well, and all the children worked very hard and showed good listening and exemplary behaviour.
It is very evident that the children are all driven and working really hard to develop their skills.
The children seem to be achieving skills more frequently and have picked up the skills quicker.

So far in the first session with the coach Luke the children worked on their balances & jumps and used equipment such as, floor mats, benches etc.
The children are also starting to learn the stretch warm up, where different children will lead the warm ups.

In the first gymnastics session off the term the children have learnt different balances on a bench such as T-Balance & Arabesque, a variety of jumps such as straight jump, star jump, tuck jump.
The skills that some children can now achieve are straight jumps, star jumps, tuck jumps, t-balance, Arabesque

Luke is very impressed with their willingness to want to improve more and has seen big improvements from the start of the term.

The children are a pleasure to teach and Luke looks forward to coaching them."