Traffic and Zig Zags

Parents and Carers,
I am writing to you with increasing concern for the safety of our children in the morning and at the end of the day. Traffic on Purrett Road at the start and end of the school day is the heaviest I have known it and this poses increased risks for all road users and pedestrians.
I am aware of the issue in the mornings of cars being parked and left on the yellow markings. I believe these vehicles are most likely residents of Purrett Road and I have been liaising with the local Police about the vehicles and what steps can be taken to stop the cars/vans parking there. Some parents are also continuing to stop on the markings to let their children out of the car. When the yellow markings are partially blocked it makes it increasingly difficult for traffic to flow up and down the road and I have noticed that many parents are letting their children out of cars in the middle of the road.
I can see why it is tempting to do this but it is incredibly unsafe and I would urge parents to avoid it. If possible, allow more time in the mornings and then park a little further away from the school and walk the last part. I am also aware of cars frequently being parked and left on the corner of Saunders Road – this is causing dreadful issues with cars unable to turn into and out of Saunders Road and making it dangerous for families trying to cross.
I will continue to liaise with local law enforcement and the council and ask for your support in ensuring that all our pupils are able to get to and from school safely. I would encourage you to make your thoughts about this issue known to the Royal Borough of Greenwich via their website. From the ‘homepage’ you can choose the ‘Parking, transport and streets’ link and then choose ‘Report a problem’.
Many thanks for your anticipated support.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Sue Slack