National Theatre

This week Year 6 were given a great chance to work alongside the National Theatre exploring mature themes through some tricky text. During their workshops they experimented with different tones of voice, actions and facial expressions to project their emotions. The children performed brilliantly and showed great skill when interpreting text dramatically. Some children worked in pairs whilst others opted to perform alone with great confidence. 

The children loved the workshop and were really engaged in each others performances. At the end of the week Year 6 and Year 5 were treated to a performance by the theatre in school. They made full use of our Key Stage 2 hall to deliver Shakespeare's tragedy-comedy. The story told of jealousy, betrayal, repentance and sorrow which had the children gripped from the very beginning. It was beautifully performed and the singing was amazing. 

Unfortunately we are unable to share photos of the performance with you but you can see from the faces of the children below, it was enjoyed by all! A huge thank you to all of the actors and actresses who came from the National Theatre to share their work with us.