Gymnastics Club

The classes are going very well so far this term and all of the children work very hard in their sessions, showing good listening and exemplary behaviour.

It is evident that the children are all driven and working really hard to develop their skills this term. The children seem to be achieving the skills more frequently and picking up new skills quicker.

Within gymnastics this term the children have worked to target progression in the basic skills, moving towards harder skills and then revisiting the basic skills to get them neat and tidy.

Some of the skills they have been working on are:

•             Forward rolls in to straddle, straddle stand.

•             Travelling bunny hops

•             Bunny hops

•             Handstands

•             Handstands on the benches

•             Bridges

•             Cartwheels

•             Squat and straddle onto table tops

•             A range of jumps and balances

•             Backward rolls, backwards roll in to straddle

•             Cartwheels on a bench

•             Back bends

•             Handstand forward rolls


Benedetta is ever so grateful and would like to thank Gallions Mount for making her feel welcome and she looks forward to coaching each week.