The Ridiculous Rhyme Show

On Thursday we were delighted to welcome Joe Chambers, as seen on CBeebies, and his friends from the Ridiculous Rhyme Show. 

Joe, MC and Ash performed to the children using rhyme. They encouraged the children to join in with their performance by thinking of words to rhyme with the last word they used in their sentence or song. MC and Ash were very funny and their rhyming stories were great! (Particularly the one about chocolate - who doesn't love chocolate?!)

The rhyming stories and songs were followed by a whole school dance which was taught by MC and Ash. They had everyone on their feet, even the teachers, dancing to the rhymes using their newly learnt moves. There was the funky chicken, the bottom wiggle, the punch in the air and we saw some flossing!

Once the performance had finished, Joe, MC and Ash worked with Years 5 and 6, introducing them to the world of television and what happens behind the scenes. MC worked with a small group of children who rehearsed a scene that could be performed and filmed while MC and Joe delegated important jobs to other members of the audience to begin the filming process. Joe chose two camera men, one photographer, two lighting technicians, two sound engineers, one producer, one runner, one director and not forgetting, two make up artists. With Ash's support, Joe explained in great detail the importance of each role when filming for television and what each job role entails. The performances given by the children and MC were excellent. Joe, Ash and MC encouraged spontaneity in their performance with the children and supported them to do the best job they could. 

Year 5 and 6 ended their exciting workshop with a question and answer session. The children had very good questions for Joe, MC and Ash and were informed about how to get involved in creative work such as television and acting.

It was brilliant to see all children so engaged throughout the whole morning and it was most certainly enjoyed by all.

Thank you so much to Joe, MC and Ash for coming to visit us!