We like to keep our parents and carers well informed on a regular basis about forthcoming events and achievements that may have taken place. Our website is updated as often as possible and we try our best to remind parents and carers about important dates as we approach them. We use our Twitter page as a resource for frequent reminders and updates on events happening throughout the school term. Our Twitter page is linked to our school website which allows parents and carers to stay informed instantly without the need to have a Twitter account. However if you do have a Twitter account and wish to follow us for direct updates, please follow @GallionsMount.

We also have a Facebook Group page that is strictly for the use of parents and carers of children attending Gallions Mount School. We use this to post regular updates similar to the ones we post on Twitter but we also include photos of children’s work, activities taking place throughout the school day and any information that is of specific interest to our parents and carers. We are extremely careful with the information posted on our social media sites and follow strict safeguarding guidelines to protect both our children and parents/carers when using social media. For this reason we ask that all parents and carers who wish to be part of our Facebook Group sign a consent form that outlines the terms of use. Once the form has been completed you will be asked into the group or accepted as a member if you have already requested to join.

If you are a parent or carer of a child/children at Gallions Mount School and are interested in becoming a member of our Facebook Group please visit the school office to request a ‘Terms of Use’ form. When completed please hand it back into the school office for it to be passed onto Zoe Lucken who will be sure to add you to our group. Alternatively you can download the form from the attachment below and return it to the school office.

As well as the use of social media we send out fortnightly newsletters that will inform parents and carers about the exciting things the children have been doing. The letter is also used to address our Attendance winners, Golden Award winners and where necessary the newsletter will also be used to inform parents and carers of any changes that may be taking place. These newsletters are uploaded to our website so if for any reason you did not receive the latest issue please find them located under “Parents Information – Newsletters.”

In the event that you have any concerns or queries throughout the school year, please see the class teacher in the first instance.  If you are not happy then please make an appointment to see the phase leader in which your concern lies, Maria Francis (KS1) and Duncan Bailey (KS2).  If the issue is not resolved it will then be passed to Mrs Stanczyk or Mrs Slack. We also have a contact form on the website which can be found under "Contact Us - Contact Form." This can be used to voice concerns, opinions or to give general feedback. All emails will be read and dealt with effectively.