Pupil Leadership Team

Pupil Leadership Team





As a school we understand the importance of pupil voice and the promotion and reinforcement of the fundamental British values of democracy. We encourage all pupils to exercise their right to speak freely while showing respect to those with different faiths and beliefs. 

Each class in Key Stage 2 elects a boy and a girl at the beginning of the school year to represent their class in our Pupil Leadership Team. Two more children are elected in year 6 to take it in turns to be chair and secretary of the council. The main purpose of our Pupil Leadership Team is to allow our pupil voice to be heard and to allow for input with regards to how things should be run in our school.

Our Pupil Leadership Team decide on many school improvements from the way the school looks to how specific things can be run, for example, any charity events we may be participating in such as Children in Need. This year our theme is 'bright and wacky' and the children hope to raise a large sum for Children In Need. Some of the images from our last Children in Need event can be seen below. 





In 2017, Gallions Mount School Leadership Team were given the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament to witness democracy in action. The children took part in a workshop relating to debate and democracy and were allowed to explore the Houses. It was a day enjoyed by all and increased the children's knowledge on Parliament.



Our PLT will keep us regularly informed of their discussions at meetings and what they plan on achieving throughout the school. Their main focuses are to encourage Gallions Mount School to become a healthier school and to encourage all in our school community to understand the climate crisis the world is in and to develop environmental responsibilities to aim for positive change.