Every day we see an increase in the use of technology and the internet all over the world. Social media is now one of the most popular forms of communication as well as being an effective way of spreading news fast.

As we grow from generation to generation technology improves and is being used on a wider scale in everyday life. The internet is full of wonderful opportunities for learning and can provide an excellent platform for creative thinking skills however it can also put our children at risk of accessing harmful and dangerous material. For this reason we understand the importance of using technology and the internet in the safest way possible and work hard to ensure that all pupils are aware of the possible dangers that could arise when using the internet and how to deal with them.

At Gallions Mount, we embrace the use of technology across the curriculum; using it to support, extend and transform teaching and learning. We think of our children as real-world publishers so it is crucial that they become responsible users of technology and the internet. E Safety is promoted at all times at Gallions Mount through the use of displays, safe search engines and carefully monitored and restricted devices. Our staff are well trained when it comes to maintaining and managing E-Safety and are able to support all of our pupils with their learning and the use of modern technology.

E Safety is paramount not only at school but at home and we work together with our parents and carers to ensure that the steps taken in school to keep children safe online and through the use of technology are reflected at home. We have held a number of workshops with our parents and are keen to encourage further support. Links and guides relating to these workshops can be found on the ‘E-Safety Links’ page under the ‘Parents' Information’ tab of our website.

Gallions Mount joined the global Safer Internet Day campaign to promote the safe and responsible use of technology as part of our annual E-Safety Week for the week beginning Monday 10th February 2020. Safer Internet Day took place on Tuesday 11th February 2020 focusing on the importance of online identity.

There are many useful links for parents and carers to explore when supporting their children with online safety. We feel it is important for our parents and carers to have the same vision as us when it comes to E-Safety. We want to encourage all of our pupils to identify when they are accessing appropriate and safe content online and be aware and take action when the content they are viewing becomes harmful and dangerous.

With the use of the links below and planned workshops that will take place in school for both children and parents, you too can ensure safe use of media devices and online content at home. Restrictions can be set on many devices including games consoles and can even be set through your internet service provider. This can be done by following the simple steps shown on the internet matters link below.  

Gallions Mount School has identified that the growing use of the internet and media devices in modern society means that our younger generation will grow up using online materials and electronic devices more than we do now. This will result in an increase in the rate in which harmful content is accessed. Although this is not something that can be stopped, it is something that can be managed with the effective implementation of safer internet use both at home and at school. 


Age Restrictions and Home Device Controls 



Safer Internet Advice and Guidance




Gaming advice and guidance


Reporting Online Abuse

If you are being abused online or know someone who is being abused online then please do not hesitate to report it by clicking the image below.



Reporting Online Acts of Terrorist and Extremist Material

If you see anything online that you suspect to include terrorist or extremist material, please click the image below to report it online. 


As well as offering links to our families we have also run an in house workshop delivering guidance on how to set up iPad’s at home to ensure they are safe for the use of each individual child. We have been visited by Jonathan Taylor (child safeguarding consultant and social media/online behaviour expert) who delivered presentations to our parents and carers about internet safety and explored how dangerous the internet, social media, mobile phones and tablets can be without parental monitoring. Jonathan Taylor has a very informative website that offers a variety of advice and resources for parents and teachers, offering support and guidance on staying safe online. 
We have also been lucky enough to have a visit from Julia Bateson, co-founder and chief executive of Excite-ed. Julia held two workshops for our parents and carers designed to inform of online dangers, advise how children can be protected from these dangers and how to appropriately manage, monitor and maintain healthy device use at home. Julia and her team have designed a number of online safety apps that can be accessed on any mobile device that can download apps via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

If you ever have any E-Safety related questions we are always happy to help as much as we can so please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns. 

National Online Safety have created guides on the use of social media apps and online games for parents and carers and how to ensure their children to stay safe while using the specified apps or playing online games. These can be seen and downloaded here, they are also available to take home on our E-Safety display in school. Please ask a member of staff if you are interested.