Physical Education and Sport at Gallions Mount is used promote the physical and social development of each and every child individually, paired and/or in a group. Children are encouraged to learn Personal, Social, Cognitive and Physical skills as well as the importance of health and fitness.

Gallions Mount provides a range of traditional sports within its PE curriculum and the use of Sports Premium funding has enabled the delivery of non-traditional sports such as Taekwondo and other forms of Martial Arts. Children are encouraged to be active and participate in the extra-curricular lunchtime and after school activities we have on offer: Judo, Dance, Football, Netball and Gymnastics. Staggered swimming lessons are provided for children in Years 3 and 4 at Thamesmere Leisure Centre to encourage the development of necessary skills needed to improve water confidence, water safety and specific stroke technique.

In Year 1 and 2, children explore the fundamental skills of balance, agility, coordination and gross and fine motor control in Gymnastics and Dance, using stimuli such as music, stories and games. Children begin to develop the notion of teamwork and collaboration, whilst beginning to develop the multi-abilities skills of running, jumping, catching and throwing which underpin competitive sport. During Years 3 and 4, the children begin to look at how the fundamental skills can be combined and how they can be applied in outdoor sports such as Football, Handball and Rounders. Children are given the framework to learn ‘How’ to perform different sporting activities while considering ‘Why’ these may be beneficial in sport - tactics, performance and challenges. Throughout Years 5 and 6, children consolidate and further develop their sporting skills through a range of competitive activities in traditional games such as tag rugby, football, cricket, high-5 netball, gymnastics and athletics. The children are also encouraged to appreciate the art of mastering self-discipline and control to perform well in martial arts forms of sport, specifically Taekwondo.

Sports fixtures are arranged to encourage children's involvement in team competition. The school currently has both a Football and Netball team.  These teams are entered into inter-school tournaments, festivals and leagues within the borough. In addition to this, friendly competitions are held on a regular basis with surrounding primary schools. These events introduce children to competition at a higher level where they are competing and testing their skills against other talented sportsmen and women. These interactions help to maintain and support links with our local community. 

At Gallions Mount, we believe that our approach to the curriculum will equip children with the essential abilities required to maximize potential and enjoy long-term participation in physical activity and sport.