School Journey 2019

School Journey to Rookesbury Park


This year, Year 6 embarked on a new adventure for our school journey residential week. We made our way to Rookesbury Park in Hampshire for a jam-packed week of amazing activities, fun and memories that will live with the children for a long time.

Excitement was high on the coach as we made our way to Hampshire and we were thrilled to be greeted so warmly by all of the centre staff as we arrived. The children put their suitcases into their rooms and we reconvened for lunch on the grass whilst contemplating our afternoon activities.

The children were then split into three groups and the carousel of activities began with abseiling, low ropes and the climbing wall. The children all enjoyed their first taste of the activities and were eagerly discussing over dinner what the ‘egg protector’ challenge would involve later that evening. They did not have long to wait, as it was revealed that the children would have to design a suitable box to protect their egg from a variety of physical trials – the laughter and fun had definitely begun with this activity!

Tuesday saw all of the children learn a selection of songs after breakfast and then develop their survival skills during the morning. Then followed, fencing, initiative challenges and rocket building – no time to rest! After dinner, the evening activity involved some ghostly stories and songs around the campfire with marshmallows and biscuits to keep the energy levels up.   

Wednesday saw one group begin with their raft-building activity. The children had half an hour to use some rope, plastic jerry cans, six planks of wood and their newly acquired knot-tying skills to build a raft. After initial buoyancy and success, the children began to climb aboard. One, two, three children climbed on board successfully, but as he fourth child clambered on it proved too much and the raft began to collapse and sink! Undeterred, the children proceeded to enjoy the rest of their time in the swimming pool and managed to successfully dive down to retrieve their raft from the bottom of the pool. The afternoon activities saw the introduction of a dance workshop where the children learnt some new moves and Mr. Bailey realised he has two left feet! The evenings ‘running around quiz’ took the children all over the site and provided them with some enjoyable physical and mental challenges before bedtime.

Thursday saw the children take part in a sensory challenge. Blindfolds and ear defenders were use separately to encourage teamwork and communication to negotiate a path through the woods. The children loved this activity and it was great to see them rise to the challenge and help each other to succeed. The afternoon saw the introduction of kayaking on the lake. A couple of the children were initially a little apprehensive about this, but it was great to see every single child challenge themselves, attempt it and really enjoy themselves - well done Year 6! Thursday evening involved giant Cluedo with the centre staff representing a variety of characters – another activity which was great fun.

Friday morning’s final activities saw the last group take to the water for their kayaking session and the other groups taking on team challenges before lunch. The children sang a few final songs, were presented with certificates and said some emotional goodbyes to the centre staff. Before the coach had reached the end of the driveway, half of the children were sound asleep  - an exhausting, but thoroughly enjoyable week for all involved.