E-Safety Links

While most of us think we know all there is to know about staying safe online, there are always new online materials, apps and games being released that test our knowledge of E-Safety. The links below will support you in ensuring that your children are able to stay safe online at home as well as at school. They offer guidance on age restrictions for games and apps, step by step instructions on how to protect your devices such as mobile phones and TV's, insights into the dangers of apps, games and websites that our children may use outside of school and how to report online abuse.

We have handouts available in school for parents and carers to take home to increase their knowledge of the apps and games their children may be accessing and using. These handouts are sourced from National Online Safety who offer amazing tips and advice for schools and parents and carers on keeping children safe online and informing of online dangers.

Gallions Mount School has identified that the growing use of the internet and media devices in modern society means that our younger generation will grow up using online materials and electronic devices more than we do now. This will result in an increase in the rate in which harmful content is accessed. Although this is not something that can be stopped, it is something that can be managed with the effective implementation of safer internet use both at home and at school. 


Age Restrictions & Home Device Controls



Safer Internet Advice & Guidance



Gaming Advice & Guidance
Reporting Online Abuse

Reporting Online Acts of Terrorist & Extremist Material